FAA Part 107 (UAG) Tips

FAA Part 107

Recently we undertook the daunting FAA Part 107 test (UAG Exam) to become a remote pilot. We did take a UAG prep class over a weekend, and let me say, it was WELL worth the time and investment. I know, without a shadow of a doubt, we would have NOT been prepared and definitely NOT have passed on the first try. So my advice to anyone and everyone wanting or needing to take the test, please seek out a reputable preparation class to take. We used UAS Classes, LLC (www.uasclasses.cominfo@uasclasses.com). The class was an interactive in classroom course taught by Jonathon Brandenburg. Johnathon, a licensed pilot and an FAA Ground School instructor, was an awesome and would stay late, if needed, to answer any and all questions or to provide additional one on one support. The company also provided a thumb drive with many additional samples questions, reference materials, and other helpful information to guide and assist you in succeeding.

I will say though, that there are many things especially reading weather charts, sectional charts, and general airport procedures that are on the test. I would say that the actual Part 107 questions made up a total of 5% of my test. A lot of what was covered in the class was on the test. However, there was about 10-15% of the questions that were not addressed in the class. So definitely take a class and continue to study the FAA provided knowledge prep. They are not there to give you all the answers to all the questions but rather give insight and point you in the direction of things that might be addressed on the test. I would HIGHLY recommend that you take a class and continue to study the FAA provided materials for at least 1-2 weeks before attempting the test. A lot of people on the net have made mention that aircraft loading or weather was not on or minimally on their test. Well I am here to attest that at least 10% of the questions were directly related to fixed wing aircraft loading and 15-20% were on weather. So the moral of that story is know all parts of the studying material. As Jonathon stated in the class, if you know and understand the Airman Knowledge Testing Supplement FAA-CT-8080-2G you will do perfectly fine. I 100% agree with that statement! Make sure you TOTALLY understand it though and can read all information on the weather, sectionals, lat and long, radio coms channels, etc.

Well hopefully this has help some of you seeking to earn your certificate.


Best of luck to you all!

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  1. I’m learning all about aerial photography and looking to get a better drone to do the job. Was just wondering what drone do you use? You do very nice work.
    Thank you

    1. Hello Joe,

      We currently use the Phantom 3 Pro but will be switching to the Phantom 4 Pro in the upcoming months and continue to use the Phantom 3 as needed or on backup.


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