It’s Nasty Out, So Now What?

Texas Fall Balmy Sunday

You find yourself in this situation often here in North Texas. Either far to windy or the sky is falling. Well today is one of those days. We can still do photography here in the studio. However, our passion leads us to the outdoors. Clouds and rain do not make for a stunning pictures in most cases. So how do we spend our time if we cannot be out photographing you might ask. Scrub-a-dub-dub, we clean! I know this may sound like a very obvious answer, but people far to often overlook and neglect their equipment. Sensor’s and lenses need cleaned, props need inspected, airframe overlooked, motor spin up and oiling if needed, check remote and all battery statuses, check iPad connectivity, etc. All these are EXTREMLY important factors as we go to do a shoot and our battery is faulty, firmware is not up to date, sensor is extremely dirty, etc. This can make for a BAD client experience and a very long frustrating day for ourselves during the shoot and especially during post processing editing.

So here is our hat of to you Mr. Dreary Day as we spend this day cleaning. We will be thinking of you and the clear calm skies ahead!

Contact us to schedule a freshly cleaned equipment shoot for the near future.

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